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The Strange Files

J.C. Bruce

March 2021 978-1-7342903-0-1


Phoenix newspaper columnist Alexander Strange enjoys his job writing about news of the weird, but his own life becomes bizarre when shots riddle his uncle’s Scottsdale, Arizona home.

Who would want Superior Court Judge Leonard D. Strano dead? And why? Strange has twenty-four hours to find the answers or he’ll have a death on his hands. Maybe his own.

To solve the mystery, he must cobble together an unlikely alliance of newspaper and television reporters, a sketchy bailiff, and a retired madam–all the while dodging the intrusive eyes of a pair of dubious FBI agents, packs of wild dogs, a freeway shooter, and an uncontrolled forest fire.

And how in the world did he end up in those high heels?


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Bruce’s prose is consistently crisp and controlled, and the tension between the various characters is genuinely entertaining throughout. A charming and suspenseful page-turner punctuated by dashes of the surreal.

Kirkus Review

Florida Man by J.C. Bruce will take you on a pleasant ride. It is full of twists and turns. It is simultaneously mystery and comedy…It’s a unique and entertaining plot. The dialogue was my favorite part of the novel… I would recommend this book to fans of mystery, murder, and mayhem… Those who do give it a try are sure to be as hooked as I am on the adventures of Alexander Strange.

Online Book Club


This story has the feel of a dark Florida river chock-full of weird creatures and bizarre surprises as it winds its way through swamps to somewhere wonderfully strange.


Florida Writers Association Judges


I went through Strange Currents like a box of fine French candy, carefully savoring each delicious piece. What a well-crafted story.


Bill Pflaum


I've read all of the "Strange" books and this (Strange Currents) is the best! It's got the most-sophisticated plot, the most-developed characters, the most-memorable settings and the best dialogue. And it is strange, which is what makes J.C Bruce's series so unique and readable.


J.B. Tillson, author of The Dayton Book Guys


Mystery, intrigue, and laugh-out-loud moments with a noir flavor that just won’t quit. Think Carl Hiaasen, Clark Kent, and a little Woodward and Bernstein…”


Bill Roorbach, author of The Smallest Color


A fast-paced mystery that resonate with wit as delightfully dry and intrigue as heated as its Arizona setting…

Jess Montgomery, author of The Widows


I have read all four books and I’m a big fan of Alexander Strange and J.C. Bruce. Twisting engrossing plots, tear producing humor and wonderful characters and dialogue will leave you begging for more.

Charlie Freydberg


Mr. Bruce weaves a funny, quirky and memorable tale involving oddball characters, voodoo (sort of) … and an off-beat, sometimes unreliable narrator into a mystery story that's also a voyage of discovery. If you're looking for a fast-paced, enjoyable read that keeps you guessing you'd be wise to purchase Florida Man.


Marc Simon, author of The Leap Year Boy


This is what happens when you have a great writer with a wicked sense of humor and is also an experienced newspaper journalist, who writes a great crime mystery. Lots of fun stuff. Action. Adventure. Spoilers. Can’t wait for more, hear that they are on the way.


Mark Wilson






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